Chow & Lin (b.1980, Malaysia/Singapore)

Chow and Lin have been working together since 2009. They undertake long term projects with social conscience. Their works have been referenced by the World Bank and exhibited as large scale installations at the Les Nuits Photographiques in Paris, PMQ in Hong Kong and the CAFA museum in Beijing. Their works are also in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and CAFA museum in Beijing.

Stefen Chow is a Malaysian-born, Singapore-raised photographer. He has worked with global leading corporations and institutions including Apple, Cartier, DHL, General Electric, Grey Group, GEO magazine and the Smithsonian magazine. Stefen reached the summit of Mount Everest at the age of 25. Nikon named him as one of Asia’s top photographers. Stefen currently lives and works in Beijing.

Lin Huiyi is an economist by training and is a market researcher. She has a background in economic policy, and has formulated and implemented enterprise development programs in Singapore. She is currently based in Beijing, and leads the China office of a global strategic market research agency, where she conducts multi-industry research for multinational clients. She holds an MBA from the Tsinghua University - MIT Sloan School International MBA Program. She is passionate about solutions that make social, environmental, and commercial sense.